Featured Products

Wilson Pro 70 Plus (50Ω)


  • Boosters sold in kits with antennas
  • Expansion kits available for large scale installations
  • Self-optimizing design minimizes installation time
  • Compatible with all North American cellular networks
  • Three year warranty
  • FCC and Industry Canada certified

RET Master


  • A smartphone sets up and controls the beam over a local and secure wireless connection
  • A free RET Master app is available for iPhones
  • Connects via WiFi to the RET Master and the RET Master app enables controlling, setting up, and diagnosing RET systems with guided wizards
  • Crews can control the system from between 50 and 100 meters away

Explorer 122


  • Complements the EXPLORER Push-To-Talk (PTT) system
  • Allows for connectivity to multiple transport mediums including 2G, 3G, LTE, and Satellite
  • Low-cost routing
  • Easy integration to existing two-way radio systems
  • Operates over the all-IP ViaSat L-Band managed service network
  • Ruggedized terminal design

Comp Pro

RF Industries

  • 360 degree compression seals out moisture, dust, and air
  • Prevents water ingress and eliminats connector related downtime and maintenance
  • Superior RF signal transmission capabilities
  • The connectors feature the highest pull strength in the industry

WSB Weatherproofing Kits

Times Microwave Systems

  • Flexible silicone boot
  • Require no heat
  • Simple assembly
  • IP67 rated and both RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Includes a package of ten boots

5104OCTO Bag

Klein Tools

  • Heavy-duty canvas
  • Web straps for additional strength
  • Six small D-rings for secure connection points for tethers
  • An extra large hook for oversized rigging equipment

Configurable Antenna Systems

Sinclair Technologies

  • Broadband/Multi-Band
  • Low Profile
  • Durability
  • Customized and Configurable
  • Easy Installation

Tote Banding


  • Resistance to moisture
  • Built in handle
  • Full view of available band
  • Easy to dispense and recoil


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